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Installing Asphalt Roofing

Damaged Roofs in Idaho Falls, ID

For damaged roofs in Idaho Falls, ID call Lobo Construction LLC. Keeping your roof in excellent condition is essential in avoiding costlier damages in the future. Take a minute to read through these frequently asked questions regarding roof health.

How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?

Simply look at your shingles. Are the edges curled up? Are there missing granules or bare spots? Are the shingles broken or perhaps even missing? These are all signs that your roof needs attention.

What does hail and wind damage look like?

Hail damage is easy to spot on a shingle. On asphalt shingles, the granules will be worn away and look like 'spots.' On metal, wood, or membrane roofs, you may see dents or even holes that go straight through the shingle or membrane. Hail damage can be tricky on a roof. Small damages on a few shingles may be so sporadic that you have to ask yourself: do I replace the damaged shingles or the whole roof? Roof repair may be needed. Spot replacement can be a solution; however, damaged portions can be easily missed. Wind damage can also affect your roof by lifting up on the bottom of the shingle and exposing it to moisture. When new, each shingle is held down around the edges by an adhesive strip. Over time, or with the wind pushing up on the shingle, the bottom of the shingle can start to lift up, thereby breaking the seal.

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How does hail damage affect my roof?

Shingles—whether asphalt, slate, wood, fiberglass, or metal—protect your home from water penetration. The most common shingle is made of asphalt and is comprised of two main layers: the asphalt waterproof base and the protective granule filled top. When the granules are worn away by time or by storms, the asphalt base becomes exposed to the UV light which can dry out the shingle, causing brittleness, curling, and even cracks in the shingle. Damaged Roofs cause shingles to become unprotected, which exposes the house to possible water penetration that can cause leaks and lead to the spread of mold throughout the house.

How do I pick a good contractor?

1) Make sure your contractor is not just Licensed and Insured, but also registered in Better Business Bureau and Home Advisor.

2) Ask them to prove if they are certified Installers.

3) Check if they have strong reviews on Google, BBB or Home Advisor; if not, don't even look at them.

4) Ask them for their completed projects in the Idaho Falls area.

5) Ask about their Labor warranty; it should exceed more than 1 Year; in our case, we provide 10 Year Warranty on every job plus 40 Year Warranty on our products.

6) Lastly...Do not pay until 100% of the project is completed.